Day Support

"... opportunities to learn, forge friendships, and become integrated within the community.


Day Support Services are provided at our Suffolk facility area. Individuals are transported from all areas of Hampton Roads to the facility through Medicaid-paid transportation services. Day Support services are customized for each individual.

For more information contact: (757) 638-4000

These activities are intended to help individuals develop and re-enforce skills relative to:

  • Community living
  • Communication
  • Social/recreational
  • Motor skills

Program Eligibility

​​Adults 18 years of age or older who have diagnoses of intellectual disabilities, emotional challenges, autism or developmental disabilities may participate in the Circle of Friends Day Support Services.  Individuals must have had a complete medical exam within the last year, including testing for the absence of tuberculosis.  They must have two or more deficiencies in the areas of health status, communication, task learning skills, personal/self-care skills, mobility, behavioral skills and/or community living skills.

Circle of Friends, LLC provides center based day support services for individuals 18 years of age and older.  We believe that every day should provide a new opportunity to live life to it’s fullest.  Our Day Support Services are designed to assist intellectually challenged individuals with learning basic life skills that will increase their independence, productivity, opportunities to learn, forge friendships, and become integrated within the community.

Key components of our Day Support Program include individual assessments, person centered planning, personal care support, and skills reinforcement.  Individuals can learn basic skills in settings such as restaurants, parks, grocery stores, libraries, malls, museums, barber and beauty shops and other business and public community settings. We use music and visual aids to help stimulate the learning experience for all individuals and our staff work with individuals on improving their fine and gross motor skills.