In-Home Residential

"... our program of empowerment extends right into the homes of individuals..."

Our program of empowerment extends right into the homes of the individuals with disabilities.  Children and adults who have diagnoses of intellectual disabilities, emotional challenge, autism or developmental disabilities may participate in In-Home Support Services.  These services meet the needs of the individual.

In-Home Support Services provides assistance in the homes or communities of the individual, often in a one-to-one setting. Circle of Friends is focused on empowering individuals through person-centered planning. Our In-Home Support Services, the services that we provide to the individuals are highly individualized to meet their specific needs. 

Individuals must have had a complete medical exam within the last year, including testing for the absence of tuberculosis. They must have two or more deficiencies in the areas of health status, communication, task learning skills, personal/self-care skills, mobility, behavioral skills and/or community living skills.  Circle of Friends will work to maintain and enhance skills needed to live a more fulfilling life.  Type your paragraph here.