Services and Support


  - Maintain a safe, caring, supportive environment

  - Medication management

  - Monitoring of health and physical conditions

  - Assist individuals obtain, maintain, or improve their health

  - Personal care skills development

  - Use of community resources

  - Gross and fine motor skill improvement

  - Community interaction

  - Transportation to and from community sites
  - Specialized and caring supervision to ensure health and safety

  Community Participation:
  - Special Olympics programs
  - Local recreational centers

  - Volunteering to join civic committees
  - Voting

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Early Intervention

Mental Health

Contract Services

Programs and Services

Circle of Friends, LLC offers a variety of programs and services designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Each program is designed from a “person-centered” approach and implemented in accordance with industry best practices.  All programs and services are designed to facilitate self-empowerment and helping the individual become a vital part of their community.

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